Integrated Product Stewardship WELCOME TO ECO SUSTAINABLES create and enable consistency in design, use and disposal of plastics 6R approach for sustainability We Use Rethink, Refuse, Replace, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Global Panel We Have Academics and Industry Experts

Integrated Product Stewardship

ECO SUSTAINABLES (PRIVATE) LIMITED is a New Zealand business start-up focusing on “Integrated Product Stewardship” with an objective to partner with global businesses to create and enable consistency in design, use and disposal of plastics in their products to support a circular plastic economy.

6R Approach

We will help them with designing Product Stewardship schemes and also carry out end of life on-shore recycling and promote re-use of recycled plastics to create a closed loop circular economy. We use 6R approach for sustainable designing – Rethink, Refuse, Replace, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Global Focus

We have a global panel of academics and Industry experts with International and domestic experience in product stewardship to deliver enhanced environmental, social and economic outcomes through product design, dissemination of new technologies and research and development.

Our business model

A systems approach

Product stewardship needs to be considered within a more holistic, circular economy framework

Priority materials

Achieving circularity requires a particular focus on plastics and broader consideration of risks and hazards

Principles not prescription

There is no single operating model that will be effective and efficient in all circumstances, but common elements need to be included.

It’s not just about regulation

Governments can support product stewardship in many different ways

Working together

Shared responsibility requires clarity around the role, responsibilities and business case for each stakeholder group

Designing circularity

Design for environment is critically important, requires more focus and has been elusive

Innovation and entrepreneurship

Identify and support sustainable end markets

Program management

Don’t just set and forget, we are Resultants

for Greener and Healthier Planet

Remember Our 6R