Thilan Samarawickrama

Thilan Samarawickrama

Founder / Lead Resultant

The brain child behind this concept and founder of ECO SUTAINABLES (PRIVATE) LIMITED is Thilan Samarawickrama a Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Graduate from University of Peradeniya Sri Lanka, with a Master in Engineering Management and Master of Business Administration from University of Technology Sydney – Australia and holds an Advance Diploma in Management Accounting from Chartered Institute of Management Accountants – United Kingdom.


He is Engineering cum Finance Professional with over 12 years’ experience in Plastic Manufacturing , Recycling and Plastic Resin Trading with Progressive leadership experience as Founder, Director, Chief Executive Officer, General Manager Operations, Head of Work Force Operations, Product Stewardship Consultant in Sri Lanka and Australia.

He has experience in developing , managing & being a project steering committee member, technical advisor and subject matter expert in multiple Plastic Product Stewardship programs in Private sector and public sector Government institutes in Sri Lanka .


In 2014 Thilan founded Evinco Polymers (Private) Limited a leading Plastic Recycling and Resin trading company in Sri Lanka ,  to focus on collecting   , recycling and resource recovery of Industrial packaging and post-consumer hard plastic waste. Evinco invested in  fully integrated recycling facility with plastic sorting, washing, drying, granulating Pulverizing and Pelletizing (Making Granules).


After very successful startup of Evinco Polymers, in 2017 he led the start-up company, Eco Films (Private) Ltd to a fast-growing flexible packaging company and the leading compostable packaging manufacturer in Sri Lanka.


Eco Films (Private) Ltd has marketing office in Christchurch, New Zealand trading under Eco Films Packaging.  Eco Films is specialized in manufacturing of comprehensive portfolio of printed and unprinted flexing packaging materials supplying a wide range of customers across all key market sectors in domestic and export. State of the art manufacturing facility is located in Jaela, Sri Lanka. Present installed Capacity is 300 tons per month and has a workforce of 50.Eco films has invested in recycling facility to recycle post industrial packaging waste and engaged in many Product Stewardship Schemes for packaging waste.


ECO SUSTAINABLE (PRIVATE) LIMITED founder has proven track record of successful implementing of similar projects overseas and also access to global network of professionals on Plastic processing and recycling, developed during his tenure as the General Manager Operations at Phoenix Industries Sri Lanka. In the capacity of General Manager –Operations of the largest producer in Sri Lanka Phoenix Industries, Thilan gained on experience and technical expertise in manufacturing and recycling different types of the plastic materials used in plastic Industry which contributing to Plastic waste problems globally.  He is an expert in plastic material science and product formulation which is the key for plastic recycling Industry for material recovery and advising industries to using them in their products.